Monday, February 1, 2010

Discovering the Effects of Vyvanse

Kenzie has been off the vyvanse now for one week and I can now tell what the vyvanse does do for her that is good and what it also does that is not good. Let's start with the good: being on the vyvanse helps McKenz focus and keep her attention directed on one thing at a time. It also helps her not be so impulsive and wild. She is much calmer and not as annoying. But it also causes her to be more irritable, hardly ever laugh, and be more depressed. It is a catch 22-we can't live with it or without it. Crazy-huh? I am going to let her have one more week of vyvanse 40 mg. until Mon. the 8th when we have our psychiatrist appointment. At that time hopefully he will help us figure out how to treat the impulsiveness and the lack of focus without effecting her mood. Oh yeah, the vyvanse curbs her appetite which is good-otherwise she eats 24/7 and is going to be huge at this rate. She does not need that to deal with on top of everything else. She says she hates being hungry all of the time. I am glad I had her go off of it for awhile. It really gave me a lot of info to give the doctor on Monday. Only 6 more days! Please pray for our family, for her, and for the doctor.

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  1. Amy - just wrote you a book back under my last post! There are many other stimulants out there to try - don't be discouraged if one doesn't match well with Kenz! Try another as it does sound as if she needs it!