Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer is Coming

Summer is right around the corner. The girls only have 2 1/2 days left of school. Yikes! Most people love the summer, but I dread it. One, because I live in Arizona where it is horribly HOT! Actually miserable to be outside. And second, a kid with OCD(anxiety), ADHD, ODD, and mood issues is not fun to have around bored! It is very hard to entertain her all of the time. It gets expensive and old very quickly especailly with a baby in the house who needs her naps. The first week we have her helping at VBS. Then she has her dance recital and dress rehearsals etc. the next week. And one week we will be out of town, but what about the rest? I told the girls that they had to go to two different types of camps so I am trying to get them signed up. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Not Physical Again, pleasssse

Physical again!?! And over cake...yesterday morning(before her vyvanse had kicked in) Kenz wanted a second piece of her sister's b-day cake and I told her no. I had the cake out and she decided that she would just force her way over my arms and get another piece anyway. Blocking it and holding her back-I was bound and determined to not let her have another one-there was hardly any left and Tori had only had 1/2 of a piece of the whole cake at her party. She deserved some too. Anyway, this caused Kenzie to fight me physically by scratching and pinching me. I think she even hit me. Well, I did not handle it very well. I backhanded her and it hit her in the face. I wasn't aiming for her face. I was just trying to get her away from me. In essence I was defending myself. But I was furious! Todd got involved and got her to her room rather calmly if you can even call what she was calm. My point being is that he did a good job to remove her. We told her that when she gets physical all bets are off. We won't be doing the nurtured heart approach. We will be protecting the family and removing her from the situation. Not sure if this is the right answer and really not sure what you do with a 13 year old who becomes physical like that! It is not a pretty situation no matter how you look at it. The sad thing is that she was doing so well. We have not had one of those episodes in a long time. I felt like we were getting somewhere with the nurtured heart approach. Hopefully, we are not sliding backwards again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where to go from here?

I have to say that I am slightly perplexed on where to go from here with Kenzie. I know her meds. could be improved but not sure how. She currently takes vyvanse 40 mg. from 7:00 to 4:00 and then takes 10 mg of aderall to help make it through the evening. This definitely helps her impulsitivty, her focusing, and her hyperactivity which is all ADHD related. We have tried going off of the stuff and things are horrible without it. She also takes seroquel 200 mg for her mood issues. She is still irritable in the mornings but lately, she has been able to somewhat control it. I wouldn't say she is ever in a good mood in the mornings but she hasn't had any bad rages in awhile either. I have to wonder if that is do to the new approach that our therapist has been teaching us as parents. Or maybe, it is the increase in seroquel or maybe both. I just noticed that Kenzie takes regular seroquel not seroquel XR. I wonder what the difference is and if it would make a difference in Kenz. Also, I know with bipolar you usually need another mood stabilizer too. We have tried so many of them and we see nothing or sometimes things have even gotten worse. So it makes me wonder if she is doing okay on just this medicine does that mean she is not bipolar? Have the rages stopped or will they rear their ugly head again? I do know that her anxiety is still very strong. I think the seroquel helps her with sleep as it pertains to anxiety but I do not see her dealing with her anxiety well in the waking hours. I think this might cause some of her mood swings because she gets so upset with whatever is causing her anxiety. I really want to try the amantadine for her. For those of you who do not know about this drug, it is an old drug for Parkinson's disease. One of my blogger friend's daughter was put on it by Meridell and it made the world of a difference. It has a calming effect and also helps with focusing from what I understand. Anyway, this all is so mind boggling-it gives me a headache. It is just never straightforward when it comes to mental diseases. And when you have more than one thing going on, it becomes so complicated! I am thinking about all of this hard right now because we have another doctor's appointment with the new psychiatrist tomorrow morning and I want to be prepared to answer her questions and get the most benefit I can from the appointment. Plus, my mind is swimming with thoughts and they all needed to be written down. It helps me straighten everything out, I think... what to do, what to do...that is the question.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reversed Roles

Yesterday morning Tori reversed the roles. She had a screaming fit over her clothes! I will say that even though it was bad there was no cussing or being physical with mom. Just mainly screaming and crying and an attitude. I guess "normal" kids have their days too. But I have to say that what went through my mind was not good..."Not another one acting like this too! I cannot handle any more kids that behave like this! Why are mornings so difficult for my children?" To say the least I did handle it very well out loud either. I did not say those things but I did show her my anger and I almost had to push her out the door. You can't leave a seven year old at home alone. The crazy thing is that Kenzie could not handle her sister's explosion and got all upset at her. I told her she was calling the kettle black. I also asked her if now she understood how horrible it is to have to deal with that behavior all of the time? She nodded yes-but I already knew that she knows that we do not enjoy her when she acts like that either. On the good side of things Tori got grounded yesterday afternoon and learned her lesson. This morning she was a perfect angel. It was a pleasure to have her awake and in my company. This is the Tori that I know. Well, we all have bad days!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where we are at

Sorry, I haven't written in awhile. I have wanted too but haven't for a couple of reasons. First, I haven't had something on my mind that I really wanted to share and second, I have not had the time or energy lately. I am trying to figure out why I have had so low energy lately. I think it is because I keep forgetting my vitamin D-it helps with depression. And not that my depression has been horrible but it has definietly been more there than usual. So I need to get to the special pharmacy and get my vitamin D and see if that helps. Usually when I write on my blog it is because something is burning inside of me to share with others. Lately, things have not changed too much, and nothing is really burning. For the most part, it is the same. We are still working with the new approach and in some ways it has helped but in other ways and at times it gets worse. Kenzie is still testing us to see if we are going to stick to this plan. Lately, she has become physical at times-pinching me, blocking me, hitting her dad, or punching or pushing Tori. It is not all of the time and there have even been days that are good. Today was one of those days. And I think the good Lord for that. I do like this approach because it is consistent. I don't have to think about what punishment or what consequence I am going to give next. I have a plan. I know what I am going to do and say everytime she steps out of line. No matter how she reacts it is always the same for me and for her. That has helped my stress tremendously. The only time that I feel uneasy is when she becomes physical especially towards Tori. I believe she wants to change and I also believe that the medicines are still not right. Our doctor wants us to increase the seroquel to 300 mg. I really want to try the amantadine. We see her next Friday. Todd is having a hard time with the approach. He thinks it is unfair that all of us have to do the changing first. Our therapist says that she sees this attitude a lot with men. She wants us to come in and see her together. Hopefully, that will help him figure out what he wants to do next. She, the therapist, believes that the approach is working. She says that at about 4-6 weeks you usually see a rebound with the kids trying one last thing to see if that will get the parents to give in and go back to the old ways. She thinks this is what McKenzie is doing with the being physical stuff. I hope she is right. She also agrees with me that the medicine still needs adjustments. I guess we are just at a stand still playing the waiting game to see if these two new medical professionals are really going to be able to help us. It is a hard place to be. Some days are good and some are not. I am really struggling with trying to constantly give positive reinforcement. I am trying but it is hard. I think it is hard because there are times when it gets bad and we so desperatly want things to change for her. We want her to be stable. I still feel like we all walk on eggshells around here never knowing what she is going to be like or what she will do next. So it is hard to get excited all of the time when things are calm. I want to retreat and say"Whew, a quiet, peaceful moment!" But then I hear the therapist saying that when we do that she begins to feel invisible because nobody is giving her any attention or energy. Again, life is hard and that is why we need a savior. My seven year old has been telling me lately that she has a difficult life. I respond with nobody ever promised life would be all roses and that is why Jesus came. We need Him when things are not good. If things were always good then we would not need Him. So now if you ask her why her life is difficult sometimes she will say so I will rely on Jesus. I wish I knew that at age 7.