Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reversed Roles

Yesterday morning Tori reversed the roles. She had a screaming fit over her clothes! I will say that even though it was bad there was no cussing or being physical with mom. Just mainly screaming and crying and an attitude. I guess "normal" kids have their days too. But I have to say that what went through my mind was not good..."Not another one acting like this too! I cannot handle any more kids that behave like this! Why are mornings so difficult for my children?" To say the least I did handle it very well out loud either. I did not say those things but I did show her my anger and I almost had to push her out the door. You can't leave a seven year old at home alone. The crazy thing is that Kenzie could not handle her sister's explosion and got all upset at her. I told her she was calling the kettle black. I also asked her if now she understood how horrible it is to have to deal with that behavior all of the time? She nodded yes-but I already knew that she knows that we do not enjoy her when she acts like that either. On the good side of things Tori got grounded yesterday afternoon and learned her lesson. This morning she was a perfect angel. It was a pleasure to have her awake and in my company. This is the Tori that I know. Well, we all have bad days!


  1. I have wondered many times about my youngest being bipolar too--she looks just like Caroline, and is extremely strong-willed, and is the one on Intuniv. But she doesn't fit the checklist, so I chalk it up to 1. imitating what she has seen, and 2. purely bad behavior to get attention, combined with the explosive ADHD. The good news with these kids is that at least they should respond to normal discipline like Tori did. A relief, isn't it? She told me I need to be more strict with her. They know that they need boundaries! I am lazy sometimes and let things slide after so many years of having to be on the ball all of the time, hypervigilant.

  2. Tori is very rarely like that and has none of the symptoms that Kenzie has. She just gets angry every now and then like we all do. And sometimes she tests the limits and I have to realize that is normal for kids. It is just after always dealing with Kenzie that sometimes I do not have the energy for Tori to act out and I do not expect it either from her. She usually is always very well behaved. This is not fair to her but it is one of the many things that are not fair to her because of her sister. I do know that God will use it for His glory someday! And I pray that good will come out of it for Tori and she won't be damaged because of it.