Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where to go from here?

I have to say that I am slightly perplexed on where to go from here with Kenzie. I know her meds. could be improved but not sure how. She currently takes vyvanse 40 mg. from 7:00 to 4:00 and then takes 10 mg of aderall to help make it through the evening. This definitely helps her impulsitivty, her focusing, and her hyperactivity which is all ADHD related. We have tried going off of the stuff and things are horrible without it. She also takes seroquel 200 mg for her mood issues. She is still irritable in the mornings but lately, she has been able to somewhat control it. I wouldn't say she is ever in a good mood in the mornings but she hasn't had any bad rages in awhile either. I have to wonder if that is do to the new approach that our therapist has been teaching us as parents. Or maybe, it is the increase in seroquel or maybe both. I just noticed that Kenzie takes regular seroquel not seroquel XR. I wonder what the difference is and if it would make a difference in Kenz. Also, I know with bipolar you usually need another mood stabilizer too. We have tried so many of them and we see nothing or sometimes things have even gotten worse. So it makes me wonder if she is doing okay on just this medicine does that mean she is not bipolar? Have the rages stopped or will they rear their ugly head again? I do know that her anxiety is still very strong. I think the seroquel helps her with sleep as it pertains to anxiety but I do not see her dealing with her anxiety well in the waking hours. I think this might cause some of her mood swings because she gets so upset with whatever is causing her anxiety. I really want to try the amantadine for her. For those of you who do not know about this drug, it is an old drug for Parkinson's disease. One of my blogger friend's daughter was put on it by Meridell and it made the world of a difference. It has a calming effect and also helps with focusing from what I understand. Anyway, this all is so mind boggling-it gives me a headache. It is just never straightforward when it comes to mental diseases. And when you have more than one thing going on, it becomes so complicated! I am thinking about all of this hard right now because we have another doctor's appointment with the new psychiatrist tomorrow morning and I want to be prepared to answer her questions and get the most benefit I can from the appointment. Plus, my mind is swimming with thoughts and they all needed to be written down. It helps me straighten everything out, I think... what to do, what to do...that is the question.

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