Monday, February 22, 2010


Lately Kenz has been so hyper especially in the early morning and the late afternoon and evening. Of course, this is when her ADHD medicine wears off. Some people think it is a rebound effect, meaning it is worse than when she is not on the medicine. I think it is just because it has worn off. Because when she was off the medicine the hyperactivity and impulsiveness was just spread across the day. So I am not sure which is worse dealing with it all day or dealing with it intensely for a shorter period of time. The 25 mg. of seroquel that she is suppose to take after school does nothing but make her more hungry at dinnertime. The hyperactivity is driving me crazy. At night I want to settle down, be calm and quiet. That is the last thing Kenzie is. She is so wound up that she giggles this hyper giggle under her breath like she is so excited about something that she can not contain it. The problem is there is nothing to be excited about. She pounces on beds, picks on Tori, gets in people's faces and is extrememly annoying. She takes Addyson and swings her around and around in her arms until they are both dizzy. She jumps up and down with Addy in her arms and plays wildly with her. (I am watching every second of this and I take her if it gets to much which I almost always have to do) Thank goodness Addyson seems to like this which scares me in itself. I try not to think about it-but the question is there... Will Addyson have these same issues? Will she have to deal with mental illness? I pray every night over her brain asking God to develop it healthy. I do know that I will have to accept whatever card He deals me. And I also know that God will be there every step of the way no matter what. But back to Kenzie and her hyperactivity... here is an example, tonight Tori called her into the bathroom to show her something cute Addy was doing and when I came in to check on them she was slapping Tori's head hard and then Addyson's too-not hard but playful like-back and forth. At first it was gentle with Tori then it got harder and harder and faster and faster-that was when Tori started complaining. I do not know if I handled it right or not but I started hitting Kenzie's head too. That didn't help, she kept going like it was a game. The only way I got her to stop was tell her if she did not then dance would be taken away. She wants me to spend time with her and that is the last thing I want to do when she is like this. It breaks my heart. I try telling her but she seems not to be able to help it. I really hope that we can figure out something that will solve this problem. I do know that the intuniv 3 mg. helped with this. However at what risk to her blood pressure. There has to be something else. My patience is running out. We go to Melmed on Wed. I am praying it is a good fit and is the beginning of some real help.

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