Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Dance Studio

Last night Kenzie tried a new dance studio. For those of you who are reading and don't know that before she left for Hope Ranch, she was on a dance performance team at a dance studio here in town. She has been dancing for straight four in half years and also when she was 4, 5, and 6 she danced then too. She is a beautiful dancer and she says that when she is dancing everything else just goes away. So I know it is good for her. The hard part is getting her there. For whatever reason it causes her great stress to get ready for dance class and to be on time. Right before she left in October it was nearly impossible to get her there. It would cause almost daily meltdowns. She was taking six hours of dance a week. So because of all of this we have been hesitate to put her back in dance classes. We wanted her to have a fresh start at a new studio where they did not know her past and all of her issues so they could just evaluate her on her dance and nothing else. So last night she just tried one class, jazz, to see where they would place her and if she liked it. Change is hard for her so even though she really wanted to go back to dancing I think being at a new place was difficult. The anxiety definitely was there. She had her usual fit about her hair right before we had to leave. However, she did make it on time and she does want to go back. I was very impressed with the new studio. We will have to start slowly and see how she does. I hope she does well and handles it okay. I love watching her dance and I think it does wonders for her.


  1. It is a blessing when someone finds something that absolutely absorbs them. I am glad you are supporting her in this even though it is so difficult. You are a very dedicated mother.

  2. Oh wow do I understand the whole getting ready for ballet and anxiety and meltdowns on the way! My youngest Mae who is so severely ADHD is also a gifted dancer and is at a top notch studio, but regularly has fits before we go about her hair, her tights, her leotard, and if I try to help her it gets worse! And Caroline gets VERY intense before any practice or game in any sport, checking and double-checking obsessively, and wanting to get there really EARLY. Good for you for trying a new studio. I am feeling that way about our church. She kind of burned some bridges so to speak with the girls in our YG when she was manic. Now she doesn't want to go to YG or to the Middle School SS. Very hard for us because we love our church.