Monday, January 4, 2010

Pulled in Three Different Ways No Wait I Mean Four!

Sometimes having three children and one husband I feel I am being pulled in four different directions. God's word says we are suppose to put our husbands first and boy do I wish I did this better. But with three different kids, one being a baby and one being mentally sick, it is very hard to accomplish. And then there is sweet Tori who if I am not careful gets neglected. She is my pleaser and loving one. The other day she had had it. She was complaining of everything hurting. First, it was her stomach, then her knee. I finally realized she just needed attention. So I held her in my lap for quite sometime. My thought process was confirmed when the baby woke up and McKenzie brought her to me, Tori said, "Mom, do not put her in your lap. I am here!" I didn't. Todd took care of the baby. I told Tori that when she wants attention to just ask me. She then proceeded to ask me to play trains with her. So then we began to set it up and in walks Kenz and she wants to join us too. She is 13! I knew if she joined us it would not be want Tori wanted and she would control the play. So I told Kenz that this was just Tori's and my time. Well, that did it. Kenzie then began to go off on a monologue about how I never spend time with her one on one. At that point it was useless to defend myself. But it was at this point when I felt so pulled. I keep trying to tell them all that I am not supermom or superwife. But they just continue to think so, I guess because they expect me to be in four different places at one time and do four different things at one time. I am sure other moms feel this way. I can't imagine families with even more kids and how the mom must feel. But lately over this break I have really felt it. It is a wonder that I ever get time to myself or even time to write this blog. However, it is a blessing to be blessed with a wonderful family who loves me and for that I am grateful. I need to remind myself of this more often.

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  1. I lost it at my kids last night. They were all whining about the stupidest things. With our cars breaking down, Caroline getting bullied at school, my oldest's PSAT scores much lower than we expected, and three kids sick, I am feeling very emotionally tired.