Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Medicine Might be Working

I think the new medicine, intuniv, might be working. Kenzie woke up this morning in such a better mood. No screaming or snappiness-just a little extra tired. The medicine can do that, but hopefully after she gets used to it she won't be so tired. I am hopeful but trying not to get my hopes up. We still have to figure out the other medicines-whether she should go off the vyvanse which is the other ADHD medicine and do we stay with the seroquel, the mood regulator? We still need to get in to see a good psychiatrist. We do have an appointment with the head of Phoenix Children's Hospital Psychiatry Dept. on Feb. 8th. I am hoping to try another one before then, but he charges $445.00 the first session and $265.00 for the hour ones after that. This mental illness can be so expensive to treat. It is not only unfair that it is a cruel disease but also it cost so much to treat it and it is hard to treat. Nothing easy about it, that's for sure.
Also, I had to tell you that I may have exaggerated a little bit in my last post. I do get time to myself at times. My husband is great about giving it to me. He keeps telling me that I just have to ask. But I do forget at times. and anyhow it is my job to be a mom. It is what I signed up for and most of the time I love it.

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