Sunday, January 10, 2010


Once a month Todd and I switch kids and take them out to do something fun on a Saturday night. Last night was my night with Kenzie. She has been wanting to go scrapbooking with me and we finally got to go. I used to go with friends and it was a time to get away so it was hard to share that time with Kenzie. But I am so glad that I did. She loved it and I think it is a wonderful hobby for her to have. Plus, it is something that we can do together where we get along and we actually both enjoy it. The only thing that drove me a little crazy was the fact that she kept asking me to cut the paper that bordered her pictures. She is convinced that she cannot get it even. And yes, I will admit it is not the easiest thing. She just needs practice and more self confidence. I remember when my mom taught me how to sew a comforter and lining up the pattern was so hard. She made me keep trying so I would learn how, but I remember being in tears because I was so frustrated. In the end she fixed it for me. I have made several since then and I know that I could not have done it if my mom had not been so diligent in teaching me how to do it by myself. I did almost all of them for Kenzie last night because I did not want the night to be ruined with a break down. I so enable her sometimes for this very reason. I think I will tell her this story and next time make her keep trying. That is the only way she will learn. And hopefully, she will be stable enough to deal with it. On that note she is still doing better with this new medicine. It is not perfect, but no more rages or out of control emotional break downs in quite sometime. She is also less angry. I think she needs to get off her other ADHD medicine and go up to 4 mg. of the intuniv. I think I will call her doctor this week and ask if we can try that.

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