Thursday, January 28, 2010

What to do Next

Another morning of not wanting to go to fun! She is off the vyvanse and hates it. I cannot decide if she is just mentally addicted to it or if she really does need it. She says she does and she does not want to go to school without it. She had a breakdown about it last night. I am thinking of finding her a placebo pill and see if that works until she realizes that she does not need it or maybe we will discover she does. Who knows? I am so confused on what to do next that my brain hurts. The good thing is that she will be off all medicine except 50 mg of seroquel when she sees the head of psychiatry on Feb. 8th. I plan on writing down all of the medicine she has tried and the results before we go. I think I will fax him a copy beforehand. Maybe we can start from ground zero and finally figure this out. I am hopeful but not expecting immediate results. I did call Meridell today and they can do the neuropsych testing without admitting her. They are going to call me back and let me know how that works and how much. My first choice is to get her there but we need other options too. I also worked on the insurance thing today but need my dear husband to help me with it. I figured out that I cannot do it by myself. I need him for lots of reasons. Thank the good Lord I have him. I have been very down about all of this lately but today I feel better... I guess it is because I am doing something-moving forward.

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  1. You are doing a great job with McKenzie! I certainly understand about the not wanting to go to school thing. Hang in there!