Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great First Day and Another Good Morning

WoW! Kenzie had a great first day back to school. Two girls gave her hugs and everybody seem so kind and welcomed her back. Even one girl from her school who also deals with anxiety sent her a heart on facebook. When I saw that tears came to my eyes. I really hope she can make some friends and actually do something with them outside of school. She still seems to be in good spirits with a much better mood-more even, calm, and happy. She had another good morning this morning. She even washed and dried her hair before school and she was on time with no yelling or screaming! She was not even snappy. What a praise!


  1. Yay!!!! I am so happy for her and for you.

  2. Hi Amy! The vitamins that I have Caroline on right now are Vit D because it is proven to fight depression (1000mg), and a multivitamin because everything helps. Also she takes 2400 mg of fish oil because everything I have read points to the Omegas as being protective of the brain and contributing to mood stability. The supplements she will be starting this week from Neuro Science are things that I am not familiar with at all. They are made specifically for the neurotransmitters that are out of whack. She was prescribe AdreCor for her out of whack adrenal stuff, Balance D (Vit D?) Calm PRT, TheaNAQ, TravaCor, and Progon B which I assume is for her very low progesterone. NeuroScience may have the exact descriptions on their website at www.neurorelief.com. Actually I just found the ingredients in each of those, but it is long. What I do see are a lot of B vitamins, CoQ10, and Vit C, and a bunch of other designer chemicals to address the specific neurotransmitters. The cost of the initial month is $140. If this works and we can reduce some of her meds slowly, the cost will be worth it.