Monday, January 11, 2010

Fresh Start and a Good Morning

This morning was the first day back to school for both of my kids from Christmas break. But for McKenzie it was the first day back to her old school since she has been home from the boarding school. Usually, mornings are the worst for McKenzie but this morning she did great. The mornings as all day have been much better since this new medicine, intuniv. But I knew that going back to her old school was going to create a lot of anxiety for her and frankly, I was worried. But now I can put the morning aside and focus on this afternoon when she comes home. I have been praying all day that she has a good day. She was moved from her original homeroom to another one and that rocked her world quite a bit this morning. But she sucked it up and kept going. I am sure I will hear more about it when she gets home. Her old homeroom teacher is her favorite. However, she is pregnant and is due the first of May. So she will be gone the last month in half at least. If Kenzie was in her homeroom there would be a substitute the last part of the year which would also rock her world, that is if she is still here and not at Meridell. So maybe it is better that her world gets rocked right now. God is in control and I rest in the fact that He has a reason for everything.


  1. Amy, did I ever respond to your last inquiry about the natural meds? I don't think I did. I will try to do that tomorrow!!

  2. No, you did not but I know you are busy. Whenever, you have time I would love to know if they help and what you give her exactly. Thanks.