Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Being on break has its disadvantages. Yes, I like being able to sleep in and not rush around in the morning, but I am so tired of my kids non-stop bickering. Of course, it does nto help that my oldest is moody and unstable. But today we all got a much needed break. Our neighbor asked McKenzie over to help with her three little boys under the age of five. And for some reason Kenz is able to keep it together for other people and loves working and playing with younger kids. It was a much needed break for her as well as for us. The rest of us got to spend the day shopping, running errands, and going out for dinner. Kenz was there all day and even when I checked on her she was still doing good and the mom says she was great help. I am glad that she could have a positive day where she felt helpful and good about herself. I just wish she could have the same here at home too. But the rest of us had peace and fun today. I hate to admit this but I was so glad for a break from her. She is exhausting mentally. And now she is home and doing well. She is in a very good and up mood. I think it is because of the break as well as the fact she felt good about helping others. She loves to be the boss and in control of littler kids. And of course other kids besides her own siblings look up to her and that makes her feel soooo good. As her mom, I am happy that she had a day of feeling good inside. I am also thankful for a peaceful day for myself and the rest of our family. God continues to take care of us in unique and surprising ways. Thank you, Lord.


  1. I understand about needing a break from your daughter. I am so glad she was able to hold it together to care for littler ones. Caroline has no real friends. She had them at one school she was at, was quite well-liked, but then the principal asked us to withdraw her because of concerns about her behavior on the playground and in PE. That was the fourth grade and she hasn't had a true friend since then. Very sad. She relates better to adults than to peers because of all she has gone through. I told her that one day she will have good friends that stick around, but probably when she is older because everyone else has to catch up to her maturity! Maturity is different from being bipolar. You can be very unstable, and yet more mature than most of your peers, in the sense of knowing the struggle of life and the depth of pain and suffering, and having to ask the hard questions about life, and God, and justice.

  2. I bet if Caroline and McKenzie met they would be friends. Kenzie really only has one friend and even she is wish washy sometimes. She is 11 and her parents are not very reliable. Anyway, wish we lived closer because I know we would be friends too. I agree with you that we should have a retreat for Christian moms who have bipolar kids. Do you know of any others?
    I am glad that you have only 3 days left. We still have another week and my husband goes back to work on Monday. Ugh! Trying to keep them entertained is hard and when they are not usually trouble happens as I am sure you know already. Well, we will pray for the best and be prepared for other. I wanted to ask about the fish oil and other natural stuff that they have given to Caroline. Does it help? Would you recommend it? And if so, what and where to get it? thanks again, Amy