Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

Well, there are times when we have ups and last night was one of those times. As a family we all played a game called Whoonu. We played three times and nobody got upset. In fact, we all had fun. McKenzie loves games and she loves it when her whole family plays. So she was in her element. She also controlled the cards and the chips and I think that helped her mentality as well. I don't really like games, but this one is fun because it is relational. You have to play it to understand what I mean. Anyway, it was sure nice to have a pleasant Sat. evening with my family. Thank you Lord!

However, today McKenzie and Tori(my 7 year old) would not stop bickering and I have had it! I am dreading being alone with all three of them over this break. Thank goodness I will have my wonderful husband the week between Christmas and New Year's. He helps so much with keeping things calm around here. I really notice a difference when he is home. But with God's strength I can do anything and so I will continue to work with them trying to entertain them the best I can with a 8 month old baby in tote. Anybody out there reading this have any ideas for cheap entertainment, please let me know. It seems if I keep them busy they do much better. So I sure that there will be more downs but hopefully more ups as well. By the way the new medicine is still not doing anything. We are still hoping and praying. We should see something by next week if it is going to work. I will let you know...


  1. Oh! You don't live in Texas, I see! That's ok! We need to have a retreat for Christian mom's of kids with mental illnesses, don't we?

  2. No, I live in chandler, AZ right outside of Phoenix. Right now I wish I did live in Texas-it would be much more convenient for Meridell. Where do you all live? I grew up in Nashville TN and my parents now live in Charleston, SC. But I have been here since 1985 when I came to ASU.
    And yes, that would be great to have a retreat. I did put you as a follower, and I am a follower of yours. Do I need to do something more? This bloging is all new to me. I am honored you want to follow it.