Sunday, December 6, 2009


As of Friday, we think we have found the right place for McKenzie. It is called Meridell Achievement Center and it is right outside of Austin, Texas. It specializes in brain scans and can really tell what is going on with the brain in order to get her meds. right. We just have to get our insurance in order and hope we get approve as it is very, very expensive. We also have to get approved by them for her to come there. We are praying.

Yesterday was a hard day. She was in a mood. All of her privileges were taken away and we then ran out of consequences-finally had to just send her to her room. She just seemed extra bugged and couldn't leave Tori alone saying horrible things when she got mad. The good news is that Todd gave me an early b-day present and I got to have just Addy for the afternoon and evening. I even got a nap! Today is Todd's b-day and I am hoping she will step up and try a little harder today for him. We shall see. The brain is a funny thing-very unpredictable. She is still asleep and so it is very peaceful. I feel awful but I love this time of the morning.


  1. I am so glad it looks like Meridell is going to work out!! I will be eager to keep up with how your daughter does. I'll try to think of anything I can that might help, like lessons we learned while she was there. One thing for sure: it took us about four weeks to unwind after she left. We had forgotten what it was like to be a normal family, not in crisis. It was a very much needed time of peace for us, and her sisters.

  2. I know, Megan. Did I tell you that she went to a therapuetic boarding school this fall for about 42 days and then it closed due to finances? What a mess! And yes, just about the time our family adjusted, she returned home. We did not know what a normal family looked like. It was weird, hard at first, and then very peaceful. These last two weeks have been very hard for us especially my 7 year old. But, yes, if you think of anything about Meridell, please pass it on. Thank you.

  3. The big thing is be prepared for your daughter losing the privilege of going off-campus with you right before you get there for a weekend visit. We had that happen, and it was awful. We are still mad that they wouldn't make an exception, but my husband made the best of it. There isn't a lot to do on campus on the weekend, so he had to be creative and buy things to bring on campus, like games, etc, and food from restaurants.

  4. Can you tell me if you used Meridell and your experiences? I have a 15 year old in the process of going there.