Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

This morning I got up early to take McKenzie to a doctor's appointment. We went to her pediatrician to see if she would prescribe this new drug that I learned about on the internet from another fellow blogger. It is called intuniv and it is suppose to help with her ADHD symptoms of irritabilty and explosiveness. Well, again the pediatrician said that McKenzie was out of her comfort zone and that we needed to see a good psychiatrist which we still cannot find here. But she did say she was willing to give it to us to try it, however, this medicine might interact with the other meds. that Kenzie is taking. Her docotr is going to do some research for us and get back to us by Thursday. This process is so frustrating. I just wish we could find a good psychiatrist here. We will need him or her when Kenz returns from Meridell too.

McKenzie had one of her better days today, but she still was very impulsive and hyper. She had a hard time leaving her sisters alone driving her 7 year old sister crazy. The baby she just continues to try odd behavior with-i.e. spinning her around on the doctor's stool. The stool had no back and she wanted to let Addyson go and spin her without support. Thank goodness I was right there and said no way! We have to watch her all of the time. She gets these crazy ideas in her head especially if she is bored. She told me today that the reason she turns the music up so loud is so she can block out the thoughts in her head. I cannot imagine what she feels like. In my birthday card she wrote, "I am sorry that I stress you out so badly." That broke my heart even though it is true, I wish she did not know that. I told her if I could take her place in order to take it all away I would. She was a little taken back by that comment. She said, "You wouldn't want all the stuff I have." But I told her that yes, I would if it meant that she wouldn't have to deal with any of this anymore. I guess that is the way a mother's heart feels.

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  1. Yes, I would take bipolar disorder too if I could, so my daughter wouldn't suffer. We just want them to be well!!