Monday, August 23, 2010

Turning 14

McKenzie turned 14 this past weekend and I am so glad we got past 13. It was a rough year. But I have great hopes for 14. She is still the most stable I have seen her in a long time. I think most of the issues we have now are her just being a teenager. She had a great b-day party with just a few friends which of course is all she has anyway. We took them to a hotel to spend the night and the hotel had a cool water park so they had loads of fun. She finally got her first cell phone and is beyond thrilled. I am hoping she can handle it. She made the performance team at her dance studio and will be dancing about 9 hours a week. School is hard for her and they are not doing the 504 plan very well. I am trying to be on top of that. My hope is that she will be able to handle all of this and not fall off the deep end again. She is due for an amantadine holiday for 48 hours again. I am dreading that. We shall see how she does with it. But overall turning 14 was a good thing. Thank goodness for something good!

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  1. The age of 14 has been the best year so far for Caroline. I hope it will be the same for McKenzie!