Monday, August 9, 2010

Screen Tickets Worked So Far

With Amantadine added to Kenzie's medication mix she has become the most stable I have seen her in a long while. However, we still have some behaviors that we need to work on. Tori, her younger sister, has some as well too. The Nurtured Heart Approach talks about a credit system and I have wanted to do it for awhile but it seemed too complicated and overwhelming. I knew that if that was the case I would not keep up with it or keep it going correctly. So I have been trying to think of something else to take its place that was similar but more manageable. After talking to my husband this weekend I realized that he was right(yes, I did just put that in writing-I could be in trouble for that one) about the kids watching too much T.V. and on the computer way too much. Then this summer my sister-n-law created a system where her kids got screen tickets so she could manage their time on computers, T.V. gameboys, etc. With all of that I came up with my own system that combines all of it into one! Each day they earn screen tickets-15 minutes per ticket in order to watch T.V. or be on the computer. In the morning they can earn up to three-one for no whining/cussing, one for no fighting with their sister, and one for being perfectly pleasant and doing everything on time. Obviously this is our problem time of the day. Well, this morning it worked. Kenzie said she almost cussed but stopped herself. Both of them were pleasant and we did make it on time. Kenzie however, only got two tickets because she was late getting to the car and we had to wait for her. But the morning was so much better! This afternoon they can earn two more tickets-one for doing their chore with a good attitude and the other one for doing their homework also with a good attitude. They also do not get their tickets from the morning until these two things are completed. They can use their tickets today so long as it is before bedtime or they can save them. They can also earn extra tickets for extra chores if they ask me and if we see them doing something remarkably good then we can give them an extra ticket. I think I am going to put in another one for no fighting in the afternoon too-that one they will get at nighttime right before bed. We also have a problem getting Kenzie to go to bed at a decent time so maybe I should use them for that too. Also, once a ticket is given it can't be taken away, it can only be used. I am excited! I think this could really work. It may need some tweaking. Later on I may add other kinds of tickets-like going to the movies, friends spending the night etc. But right now I need to stay simple so I will stay with it. Wish me good luck!


  1. Sounds great! I need to do this!

  2. What a gret idea. I need to do this too. We have been watching way too much tv/computer too. I am hoping once we start school next week it will get better, but love the fact about using it for fighting/whinning. Tell McKenzie to keep up the good work. Tell Tori, I am proud of her for being such a great sister and daughter. You are a wonderful mother. Keep up the great work.