Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good and Not So Good News

The screen tickets are helping tremendously. Kenzie's cussing has almost ceased! Yea! She has not cussed once this week in the morning and I do not think in the afternoon either. At least none that we have heard. She was a little unpleasant yesterday and today in the morning. But she is doing so much better. Tori is doing great in the mornings but after school she is melting down-three fits in the last three days. I think she is tired and frustrated-frustrated from school because it is such a jump from second grade to third and her teacher is very strict. I have to wonder if she is not worried all day that she is going to do something wrong and get in trouble and that is the reason for the outbursts at home. It is so unlike her. The good news is that she comes out of them fairly quickly once she is disciplined. They do not spiral out of control like Kenzie's do. Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this new behavior and nip it in the bud quickly. Kenzie, on the other hand, is very frustrated with her new school. She for the first time has a lot of homework. At her old school they did not give a lot of homework and if they did give homework they usually had time to do it in class. She also is frustrated because the teachers are not doing her 504 plan yet. The school just got it two days ago and I have called and they say they are working on it but in the mean time my daughter is drowning in frustration. She has not given up yet and I pray she does not. For the most part she has been a real trooper, but I am worried that they are going to loose her and she will give up. Hopefully, they will get the 504 in place sooner than later. On a good note she has made a friend and keeps talking about her. They sit together in all of her classes except one where she has assigned seating. They also have been going to lunch together too. I am excited for her. I hope the girl comes from a decent family that has the same type of values and morals that we do. Time will tell. I am trying to get Kenzie to invite her to her b-day party but Kenz says she is not ready to do that. Her party is only a week in half away. Maybe I can get her to have her over this Friday for swimming and lunch-they have half days on Fridays. She also had an older girl come up to her and touch her hair and say WOW! It kinda startled her but she was very flattered and I know it made her feel good. For those of you who do not know her hair is long very blonde-yellow almost- and slightly waving and thick. Absolutely, beautiful-wish I had her hair many days! She definitely got it from her dad's side. Anyway, good news and not so great news-isn't that life? We have to take the good, the bad, and the ugly and rely on our precious Lord to get us through it all.

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