Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day of High School

McKenzie started her first day of high school this morning and boy, was she a mess! She had one of her worst anxiety attacks that I have seen in awhile. She was in tears in the car even in front of the little boy we carpool with. Her breathing was fast and I swear she would have thrown up if not for the zofran she had taken. We got that from the ER visit the other night when she was so sick. But who can blame her-she is at a brand new school, does not know anyone, and it is high school! It scares me-but I did not let her know that. I am praying she makes a new friend and that everything goes smoothly today. She is at a very small charter school that is located inside a church and the church offers chapel once a week-so it is like a christian school without having to pay for it! From what I understand there are only 25 kids per grade in the high school-junior high and elementary are also there on the campus but they are small too. I think it is just right for her. If you are reading this, please say a prayer for her today. She could really use being lifted up.


  1. Hi Amy! I did pray for McKenzie today! Wow! What a difficult situation for her today and for you too. I am praying God will provide one really good friend who comes from a home with like-minded parents, and for peace that everything will be OK. I am jealous of your ability to put her in a charter school--we don't have those here and I wish we did! I want to move to a place that does. Fast.

  2. Come here-there are tons of charter schools here-so many choices. And thank you for praying for her today. She had a good first day. She said that one girl kept asking her to sit by her-good sign. And they also asked her to go to Burger King with them at lunch-they are allowed to go to three places off campus-Burger King, Dairy queen, and Circle K-not my favorite choices for lunch and neither one of us want her to eat that crap everyday but we talked about her going and getting a drink and eating with them. She said she would next time. She still feels like they are "over her head". Those are her words-not sure I totally understand except that maybe she just doesn't feel mature enough. Keep praying and I am too. Thanks again.

  3. Oh, poor girl! She did fantastic though facing all of that - she should be really proud of herself!!

    Sending you and Kenz love and positive thoughts!