Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great Morning-such a Praise!

This morning McKenzie was her usual grouchy self but she kept it to herself. Then her sister decided to throw a crying fit about her shoes. This usually drives Kenzie crazy and she says something really mean and cruel. Of course this just makes the situation worse with Tori. But this morning Kenzie was very quiet. So I noticed and took the opportunity to tell her that I was very happy to see her being quiet and not saying anything mean to her sister. I told her I knew it was probably driving her crazy and that it was very hard for her to stay quiet and I was very proud of her for doing so. I wish I had used the words "self-control" but sometimes I can't think that quick. Oh well, I"ll get better at this and next time I will remember to use those words. Anyway, the next thing I hear is Tori laughing because McKenzie is in her room hugging her and tickling her. Which, of course, totally helped. And boy, did I praise and encouragement that behavior. I even shared it with my carpool friend right in front of her. Normally my friend gets an ear full of negative stuff. I bet she was glad too to hear good things rather than bad. Well, what a Praise! Thanks, Jesus AGAIN! I am constantly amazed by His answers to prayer. And I am so joyful and thrilled with Kenzie's response to this new approach.

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