Friday, April 2, 2010


Recently, I have learned that stress causes havoc! The last few days have been very stressful for me and therefore, it has transfered to the kids. I have been stressed because we decided to have an Easter Egg hunt and cook out tomorrow night. I am not very good at planning and always seem to be rushing around at the last minute. Also, trying to get three girls ready, okay four, for Easter Sunday morning is quite challenging as well. I need to refocus and remember the real importance of Easter-Christ death and resurrection. Without it we would have nothing. I am so thankful for His continual guidance. I sit down to write this blog and sometimes it is to vent but somehow I end up writing what I need to, what is good, or what I need to be reminded of. I believe it is The Holy Spirit leading me and guiding me through this process. How awesome is that!
Kenzie has had a rough last few days. I am sure me being stressed has added or even contributed to her behavior. It also could be the increase in her seroquel or maybe she feels stress too from the planning of the party. She is quite involved or rather should I say "in control" of this event. She wants things a certain way and if they are not going to be that way all hell breaks loose. I have not been as uplifting or encouraging either as I have been-also due to stress which causes exhaustion. When you are tired I realize you do not have any energy to give positive energy. On one good note I did spread out the cleaning of the house. I only have dusting and vacuuming to do tomorrow before the party plus last minute things. Always right before the party I ask myself "Do I ever want to do this again?" or "Why did I decide to do this?" But somehow I still plan more events and they all become stressful at some point. Maybe eventually I will someday figure out how to plan accordingly. The bottom line is I need to refocus and get my strength from Christ and try to enjoy being with my family and friends.

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  1. I love to host parties, but I have done so less and less. Too stressful. I hope that I can again someday do all of the entertaining we used to do. How is McKenzie now? Caroline went back to school after a two week break today. Still forgot her planner. I am soooo tired right now. I am looking forward to summer even though the kids will be home so much more. I am sick of the homework routine!