Friday, March 12, 2010

Quiet Times Are Sweet

This one is not about McKenzie. This time I want to share something that is on my heart and so wonderful. This week I have been waking up 15 minutes earlier to spend time with God. Since I have been sick I go into the bathroom, turn on the shower as hot as it will go and make myself a steam room. It has been wonderful. My Bible study teacher has taught us a new approach to studying God's word and applying it to our lives. I love it. I feel so much peace knwing I have God's word on my heart all day. Here is the approach in case you are interested: Read a verse, write down what it is literally saying, then write down in general what it means, and then what it means to your life asking it in the form of a question. Then sit and ponder and listen to what God is telling you. For example, today I read Psalms 116: I read the whole section but the part that stuck out to me was walking in God's presence for the rest of my life. So I asked myself, "Do I walk in His presence every day, how about every minute of the day?" This is the answer I heard: I need to walk in His presence every day. He is with me every minute and I need to rely on Him through everything. He is my best friend and will be there if I reach out for Him. This method of studying has been the best quiet times I have ever had. I hate getting up early and to get up 15 minutes earlier is a killer for me but I have been doing it and each day it gets easier. I don't want to miss that time with God. It is so important and so awesome what He teaches me through it. I am excited to discover what He will teach me next. Praise Him for getting me to that study. He never gives up on us and never lets go. Speaking of that, I now will share with you a sweet moment for Kenzie...
She heard a Christain song on the radio when she was sent to her room that really spoke to her. First of all, this is amazing because she hardly ever chooses to listens to K-love, the Christain radio station. Second, she really listened to God and what He was saying to her. This is what she wrote down-"There is hope for you because God won't forget all of the plans He has for you; He is not finished with you yet." Beautiful! I know this lyric is from a verse in the Bible. Anybody know exactly where it comes from? I told her with great celebration and energy how proud of her I was and that I knew God was in her heart because He spoke to her and she listened. I wish I knew the name of the song. I would love to know all of the lyrics. But anyway, I am so encouraged. He constantly shows me that He is there right with me every step of the way through this journey of life. May He be with you too.


  1. This beautiful song is called "Wait and See" by Brandon Heath. I googled the lyrics:

    Wait And See

    I was born in Tennessee
    Late July humidity
    Doctor said I was lucky to be alive

    I’ve been trouble since the day that I got here
    Trouble till the day that I disappear
    That’ll be the day that I finally get it right

    There is hope for me yet
    Because God won’t forget
    All the plans he’s made for me
    I have to wait and see
    He’s not finished with me yet

    I never really was that good in school
    I talked too much, broke the rules
    Teacher thought I was hopeless fool alright

    I don’t know how but I made it through
    It’s one of those things that you’ve gotta do
    But I always had a knack for telling the truth


    Still wondering why I’m here
    Still wrestling with my fear
    But oh, He’s up to something
    And the farther on I go
    I’ve seen enough to know
    That I’m, not here for nothing
    He’s up to something

    So now’s my time to be a man
    Follow my heart as far as I can
    No telling where I’m ending up tonight
    I never slow down or so it seems
    But singing my heart it’s one of my dreams
    All I gotta do is hold on tight


  2. Love that song too. I am so glad Kenzie found great meaning in that song for her life. Now everytime I hear that song, I will make sure I pray for Kenzie and your family! It is Kenzie's song now! I might try that suggestion for really placing God's word in my heart that you are doing. Sounds very helpful! God Bless!

  3. Great update! I'm glad you are doing well. I hope you have a good Spring break full of relaxing and great family time.

  4. Thank you to whoever found the words to that beautiful song. I printed them and gave them to Kenzie. She posted them in her closet so she could see them all of the time. She was so amazed that somebody she did not know took the time to do that for us. And Jen thank you for your sweet words and prayers. I would love to meet you sometime.