Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last night Kenzie asked me all these questions-must be worries she has in her head. She asked "Is there anything that I can do that would make you all not talk to me ever again?" "And if I got divorced would you support me?" There was much more but these are the ones that hit me the hardest and the ones I remember verbatim. Of course I told her that there was not anything that she could do that would keep us from loving her, that we would always be a part of her life. I did tell her that we might not agree with everything she does but that would not change how we feel about her or keep us from seeing and talking to her. She also said she hated her age because she has to go to high school in a few weeks and then there will be driving, and then college, etc. She said she is afraid of it all. I hate that my little girl lives in fear all the time. I asked if she is afraid only at night when it is dark and quiet or in the day too. She said mostly at night but sometimes in the day when she is quiet or we are not home with her. Her mind must roll with yucky thoughts all of the time-I can't even imagine. I told her that she has to hang on to Christ for strength and that without Him she will be lost. That He has angels watching over her all of the time and that she is safe. Can you imagine what it must feel like not to feel safe in your own bed in your own home? We have got to find something that will help her anxiety.


  1. Hello there;

    I'm Erika, the girl that Mam Bear from My Son Has 2 Brains blogged about. I saw your comment, and, well, you found me. If you want to get in contact, my e-mail is

    With Love,

  2. Erika - I would love to 'talk' with you. I'd love to ask you what exactly to do with my 7 yr old with bipolar when she's raging. I've read your comments about how you feel but am still at a loss as to what to do with my daughter when she's raging and becomes physical. I'm sure many of us moms would LOVE to ask you a hundred different questions! Any interest in starting your own blog?!! ;)

    So thrilled we've found such a smart young lady to help guide us with our own children. You have no idea what a blessing you are to so many.

    Thank you for coming forward!!

  3. Hi my daughters a.d.d and has anixety problems besides medicating she paints at night and finds it sootheing..its very difficult when your mind doesnt shut down/thus anxiety..mine doesnt alot of the time and im highly artistic so i use the extra nervousness to channel it into quilting for the needy nephew is bipolar and uses a trampoline to channel his energy to wear himself out..